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Whole Body Cryotherapy in Taylorsville

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Quicker Recovery – Reduce Inflammation – Boost Metabolism

Find out why cryotherapy in Taylorsville a cryosauna is becoming so popular among professional athletes and celebrities!

Does Cryotherapy Work?

Yes! And ongoing research is being conducted to determine what is actually happening inside the body to achieve the results that are being reported.

Among the many *findings of the effects of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) are the following:

  • Increased levels of norepinephrine (a stress hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a role in mental alertness, heart rate, blood flow to muscles and mood)
  • Less Muscle Soreness Post-Exercise
  • Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Improved Anti-oxidant Status
  • Higher Levels of Anti-Inflammatory Markers (interleukin IL-1ra)
  • Lower Levels of C-Reactive Protein (an indicator of inflammation)
  • Greater recovery of range of motion in a study of adhesive capsulitis when physiotherapy also included Whole Body Cryotherapy compared to physiotherapy alone.

What Has Research Shown So Far?
*Click Here to Read More from a Review of Studies that were done by Journal of Sports Medicine!

How Cold is Cryotherapy?

We regularly hear people say that while it was “very cold” it was also “much easier than expected.” Because a cryosauna is using nitrogen gas rather than water, whole body cryotherapy can feel much easier to tolerate than taking a water ice bath. Most people will feel an immediate boost of energy and a feeling of warming up very quickly after completing a 3 minute session of cryotherapy. Our cryosauna has 3 levels of cold, and each session has a maximum time of 3 minutes total.

Level 1

Best for a First-Time Experience

Level 1 at the coldest point can reach -140°F

Level 2

Good for Experienced Users

Level 2 at the coldest point can reach -160°F

Level 3

Good for Elite Level Athletes

Level 3 at the coldest point can reach -180°F

Cryotherapy has been featured on The Doctors, The Ellen Show, Doctor Oz, to name a few! See the video clips below to see who else has been loving Cryotherapy!


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